Thursday, 22 September 2011

Last days were kind of tough. Right now I study a lot and I take part in arrangement of International Cultural Congress which takes place in my hometown as it is the –°ultural Capital of The Community of Independent States now. It`s a really great event for our town and for Russia in general,I think. I`m glad to get the opportunity to be a part  of it and to have a chance to see and to communicate a little bit with the officials from different European countries, politicians, cultural workers and public figures.
But today I met my best friend Ann. It was really nice to sit in our CoffeBean,relaxing,talking about everything,as usual. There was a very cozy atmosphere, in-spite of today`s cold weather.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Polyvore sets Fall 2011

Hi,beauties!)It`s almost October now and I think it`s time to upload some Polyvore Fall sets that I`ve created. This season I`d like to look fashionable and classy.

Every Fall I wear a classical Burberry-like trench, it`s a forever must-have of the autumn. Lather jackets, animal printed scarves as usual.
What`s new:
I like white Oxford shirts with big necklaces and skinny jeans with Oxford shoes. Although it`s a little bit boyish, I find it very stylish. Perhaps, Oxford University where I have been in August inspired me).

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Here are some photos from London

Travel around the World

Let`s talk about traveling. I always thought that our world is magic!It is full of unbelievable and unforgettable things!There are so many different places and countries that are worth-seeing! Various cultures and traditions, food and so on. In general,I think that traveling is wonderful and I don`t understand people who don`t like traveling.
Anyway, thanks to my parents, I have a possibility to explore the countries. I`ve been to Turkey, Israel, Finland, The USA and England. It happens once in a year. And every time when I land in this or that country I imagine the map of the world and just can`t believe that "several hours ago I was in Russia and now I`m here"!
Trips to The US and to England are the most important for me and,of course,I`m in love with NYC and now London. I`ve decided to tell you about this,`cuz this time last week I was still in London.
I was dreaming to visit it for years,and now my dream came true.I wasn`t disappointed at all. A Little bit later i`ll post some photos from my London.
 Here, I`m in V&A museum.the museum is amazing!Everyone must visit it!