Friday, 30 December 2011

Metallic blue

Metallic nails are amazing!Looks fantastic!. I found special nail wraps called Nail Rock. Here is the result!)I tried to make it as accurate as it possible!) And my outfit for today.
Btw, Happy New Year, guys!)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Chrisrmas,guys!The Russian people celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January, because the majority of Russians are orthodox. But as the 7th of January is my father`s birthday, we almost completely forget about Christmas!That`s why I like Christmas on the 25th of December. And this holiday gives a lot of inspiration:all these decorations, lights,candles and cookies!I`ve never told you here about that,but I like cooking and here is my first Christmas meal, a traditional Christmas spicy cookies!
This day I`m going to spend with my family, watching some wonderful Christmas films and wrapping the presents. Also I have several exams and tests next week, need to be ready! )

Have a great Christmas to you!)Spend the day with the most beloved and dearest people!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Thank you for Camera Obscura

A wonderful stylist and blogger thanks to who now I have the Diego bag by Alexander Wang, Marian Kihogo published a wonderful post about my winning in the contest. I`m really glad to be mentioned in her blog. And I love the way she wrote about the connection between me and this bag. You can read it here.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This bag made my November

Hey,people!I know I haven`t written here for a long time!There are several reasons why actually, but the most important that it`s difficult to find anybody to ask to make some photos of me. This time I coped with this problem and I`d like to introduce my new Alexander Wang Bag!Got it this Monday and so happy)
Big hug and kisses to and Marian Kihogo .

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


So,it`s time to tell you about my Halloween this year. I`ve told you that my friend and I were going to the night club.Oh,we really had fun!)I don`t have a lot of photos,but anyway I`ll show you something!) There were many people in costumes, the music was excellent, bubbles everywhere (pretty funny!) ), as well as skeletons, spiders zombies and so on,we played checks, but instead of figures there were shots with alcohol (for the first time in my life!) and at the and of the night everybody was treated with a huge cake looked like a grave-stone!That was awesome!
As for my is not really a bad, as I couldn`t find anything on time!So I just put on my jeans - Forever 21, black heels - bought somewhere in London, a bodysuit - Intimissimi, some jewelry and red lips!And my new love-black matte nail polish!!

Tell me how was your Halloween night?)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Today was a very strange day!)My mood changed like a hundred of times!)But at the end of the day I found out several good news and got wonderful emotions,spending time with my friends!
A simple outfit for today: blazer - Zara (wonderful color), black jeans - Levi`s, boots,you`ve seem them already - Aldo and the bag that I`ve got several days ago.
As for my rings: the big one is a vintage, present from my grandmother. And it`s one of my favorite nail polishes!)
hope you like it!Have a great weekend, guys and A crazy Halloween!!)

Сегодняшний день очень странный!Моё настроение менялось множество раз. Но к концу дня мне сообщили пару хороших новостей и я приятно провела время сос воими друзьями. Одета я была довольно просто: пиджак - Zara (цвет замечательный), черные джинсы - Levi`s, сапоги,которые вы уже видели - Aldo и сумка,которую я так долго ждала иполучила на прошлой неделе.
Что касается колец,то большое кольцо мне подарила бабушка,когда-то она его носила. И я обожаю этот лак!Цвет очень крутой.
надеюсь,вам понравится!Хороших выходных и сумасшедшего Хэллоуина!)

So happy!)

I took part in a giveaway contest  powereed by and Marian Kihogo . And today the results were announced!I won!!!))still can`t believe it!It`s amazing!I`m waiting for my Alexander Wang Diego bag ))

Я принимала участие в конкурсе,который организовали и  Marian Kihogo . И вчера были объявлены результаты!Я выиграла!До сих пор не вериться!Я никогда ничего не выигрывала!Теперь вот жду свою сумку от Александра Ванга))

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Be afraid of 31st of October!)

Hey,gays!)Does everyone know that the 31st of October is a holiday?Right,it`s a creepy, dark Halloween!))I`m pretty excited! Unfortunately,t`s not very popular in Russia,but I`m going to celebrate it for the third time this year!)I love Halloween,because of jack-o'-lanterns and costumes.Actually, I can`t say that I dressed up every year and turn into a princess or a nurse,but in 2010 I wore a hand-made lace mask)It was kind of sexy. I was inspired by the Vogue Paris's 90th Anniversary Event. This year my friends and I are going to one of the night clubs. I`m looking forward to the club`s incredible atmosphere and all the decorations,sure it will be amazing!)Still haven`t decided about my outfit for this night, but I`ll figure it out!)

Please share your thoughts and memories about Halloween with me!)You`re very welcome!What are you going to do?)
Here are some photos from Halloween 2010)

Привет!) Все знают, что за праздник 31 октября?)Верно,жуткий,тёмный Хэллоуин. Я так взволновала.так жду его!) Этот праздник не популярен в России, к сожалению, но в этом году я его собираюсь отпраздновать уже в третий раз!Мне нравится Хэллоуин из-за таквенных рожиц со свечами и костюмов. Я ни разу, на самом деле,не надевала костюма, не превращалась в принцессу или медсестру, но в прошлом году я одевала кружевную маску,которую я смастерила сама) Выглядело сексуально. Меня вдохновило событие в честь празднования 90-летия французского Vogue.В этом году я с друзьями собираюсь на вечеринку в ночной клуб. Очень жду этого!Обычно, там невероятная атмосфера и украшения, уверена будет восхитительно!)Пока что не решила, что надеть в этом году, но что-нибудь придумаю!)
Расскажите о том, что вы думаете о Хэллоуине или поделитесь вашими воспоминаниями!Что в этом году собираетесь делать?)
А здесь фотографии с моего прошлого Хэллоуина)

Friday, 14 October 2011

The key to the friendship

Working hard last week I`m happy to realize that it`s Friday!)On a weekend I can relax and do everything I want and meet my friends. I`m really tired this week.Another good news is today`s weather!It`s sunny,thanks God. During the whole week it was raining and very windy.
Anyway,here is my outfit: trench coat - Zara, gray shirt - forever 21, black skirt - banana Republic, polka dot tights - Topshop and my beloved Aldo boots. The last but not the least is my Key pendant. The point is: I gave the same pendant to my best friend on her birthday and they are like "friendship bracelets". So wherever we are we can remember and think about each other. It`s really nice to think that there is a person who cares about you.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Warm Autumn

Recent days were really cold and rainy. Today we are lucky and the weather is wonderful!This year I`ve noticed how beautiful the autumn is. There are so many different bright colours: maroon, yellow, orange-the trees are like  in a fire, but the grass in a lot of places is still green (suprisingly).Earlier, every autumn brought me only depression and sadness, this year is different. Today, I had several meetings and had a good time with my friends, nothing special. What I wore: A new Zara sweater that I bought in London this August, Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters and over the knee boots from Aldo, bought in NY last year (love them).

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Last days were kind of tough. Right now I study a lot and I take part in arrangement of International Cultural Congress which takes place in my hometown as it is the Сultural Capital of The Community of Independent States now. It`s a really great event for our town and for Russia in general,I think. I`m glad to get the opportunity to be a part  of it and to have a chance to see and to communicate a little bit with the officials from different European countries, politicians, cultural workers and public figures.
But today I met my best friend Ann. It was really nice to sit in our CoffeBean,relaxing,talking about everything,as usual. There was a very cozy atmosphere, in-spite of today`s cold weather.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Polyvore sets Fall 2011

Hi,beauties!)It`s almost October now and I think it`s time to upload some Polyvore Fall sets that I`ve created. This season I`d like to look fashionable and classy.

Every Fall I wear a classical Burberry-like trench, it`s a forever must-have of the autumn. Lather jackets, animal printed scarves as usual.
What`s new:
I like white Oxford shirts with big necklaces and skinny jeans with Oxford shoes. Although it`s a little bit boyish, I find it very stylish. Perhaps, Oxford University where I have been in August inspired me).

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Here are some photos from London

Travel around the World

Let`s talk about traveling. I always thought that our world is magic!It is full of unbelievable and unforgettable things!There are so many different places and countries that are worth-seeing! Various cultures and traditions, food and so on. In general,I think that traveling is wonderful and I don`t understand people who don`t like traveling.
Anyway, thanks to my parents, I have a possibility to explore the countries. I`ve been to Turkey, Israel, Finland, The USA and England. It happens once in a year. And every time when I land in this or that country I imagine the map of the world and just can`t believe that "several hours ago I was in Russia and now I`m here"!
Trips to The US and to England are the most important for me and,of course,I`m in love with NYC and now London. I`ve decided to tell you about this,`cuz this time last week I was still in London.
I was dreaming to visit it for years,and now my dream came true.I wasn`t disappointed at all. A Little bit later i`ll post some photos from my London.
 Here, I`m in V&A museum.the museum is amazing!Everyone must visit it!

Monday, 11 July 2011


I think, everybody knows what it is-! In my opinion,it`s a wonderful way of self-realization! Joint it and enjoy!
Right now, enjoy my Polyvore sets Summer 2011


Hi,everyone!Today I want to share with you my thoughts about fashion and style!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

the beginning

I`ve been thinking a lot about how to name my blog and how to start. There are a lot of things I want to tell people about.