Friday, 14 October 2011

The key to the friendship

Working hard last week I`m happy to realize that it`s Friday!)On a weekend I can relax and do everything I want and meet my friends. I`m really tired this week.Another good news is today`s weather!It`s sunny,thanks God. During the whole week it was raining and very windy.
Anyway,here is my outfit: trench coat - Zara, gray shirt - forever 21, black skirt - banana Republic, polka dot tights - Topshop and my beloved Aldo boots. The last but not the least is my Key pendant. The point is: I gave the same pendant to my best friend on her birthday and they are like "friendship bracelets". So wherever we are we can remember and think about each other. It`s really nice to think that there is a person who cares about you.


 Have a great weekend!)


  1. great style , as chictopia and Lookbook, I'm a new fan ! Love the over the kne boots combination !you are very cute !

  2. wow this looks great i love the overall styling x

  3. Great style! Cool blog!

    I got a giveaway at my blog and I would love you to enter ;)