Wednesday, 2 November 2011


So,it`s time to tell you about my Halloween this year. I`ve told you that my friend and I were going to the night club.Oh,we really had fun!)I don`t have a lot of photos,but anyway I`ll show you something!) There were many people in costumes, the music was excellent, bubbles everywhere (pretty funny!) ), as well as skeletons, spiders zombies and so on,we played checks, but instead of figures there were shots with alcohol (for the first time in my life!) and at the and of the night everybody was treated with a huge cake looked like a grave-stone!That was awesome!
As for my is not really a bad, as I couldn`t find anything on time!So I just put on my jeans - Forever 21, black heels - bought somewhere in London, a bodysuit - Intimissimi, some jewelry and red lips!And my new love-black matte nail polish!!

Tell me how was your Halloween night?)

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