Monday, 11 July 2011


Hi,everyone!Today I want to share with you my thoughts about fashion and style!

Every season in different magazines and fashionblogs you can see the lists of next season "Must-haves". I advice you-don`t follow them. Why? because people, who publish them just express their own opinion and it doesn`t matter who are they, you don`t have to follow their rules strictly. If you are fond of fashion you will understand by yourself what`s in trend this season and whether  it suits you or not. You can put on all new fashion trends at the same time, but it doesn`t mean that you have a style. You can look foolishly. It` s very important to have your own style, to know your body and what suits you, what matches with this skirt or that hat.
Not less important to feel comfortable and to be self-confident and to be sure of your choice.

Just listen to your heart, put on smth you like and stand in front of the mirror!Do you see the smile on your face?Are your sure it fits well? here is it!)Go out!)

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