Thursday, 7 July 2011

the beginning

I`ve been thinking a lot about how to name my blog and how to start. There are a lot of things I want to tell people about.

But by now I just show you how do i look like and my yesterday outfit!) Hope you`ll enjoy it!)I`m in love with this Coral H&M skirt)
Speaking of the name of my blog - I believe that everybody has an imagination and his own deep and rich inner world, and everybody has a dream as well. To have a dream is very important, even if this dream is unbelievable and just impossible in the real life. Because our dreams motivate us and create us, making us who we are. They help us to relax, to calm down and make us to shine from the inside.
As for the motivation part: the inspiration to live is a motive force for life, inspiration for the art, literature or fashion is about expressing our emotions and feelings. I try to find the inspiration in everything: nature, different cultures, people, photography, films, books, architecture, my parents, my friends, other fashion bloggers, music of course!)
You just need to find something special in the ordinary thing or action, to look at it from the other corner)
and don`t be afraid of your desires!)



  1. Ur wedges looks amazing! :)

    P.s. U can check out my fashion blog, if u want!

  2. Very nice: style, photos, blog!