Monday, 20 February 2012

London Fashion Week 2012

I know that NewYork Fashion Week has already gone but I didn`t write a word about it. The truth is I don`t have much time unfortunately! But I can`t miss London Fashion Week as England is a very special place for me: it`s all about it`s atmosphere, style, British culture, accents, the mix of traditions and innovations, nature, people and architecture. And I believe the designers who present their masterpieces during LFW have been definitely influenced by everything from the list. LFW has already started on the 17th of February. Everything about the designers, schedule, exhibitions you can find here.
I`ll post photos with commentaries about the collections and pieces that caught my eye.
Daks, Belstaff, Clements Ribeiro, Paul Smith and Topshop Unique

Today is the 4th day of LFW and I`m looking forward to Burberry Prorsum show, as always. You can watch it online here at 4pm (London)/20.00 (Moscow).

As for previous shows, that`s what I like.


 Rather understated and minimalistic, not fit but still save elegance and femininity


To be honest this collection reminds me Burberry a little bit but anyway I find the dresses and leather jackets and boots very rock`n`roll,sexy and it seems like these clothes can bring you confidence.

Clements Ribeiro

Rather extraordinary choice even for myself, but I fancy the prints and bright colors, fabrics. I`d love to wear something from this collection.

Paul Smith

The liability of the designer to men`s fashion is obvious. The classics prevails here:trousers with creases, fitted  suits,but with the special details for ladies and variety of colors.

Topshop Unique

Urban and futuristic: leather pants, light blouses, baggy sweaters with "crosses"and stretchy dresses and short shorts.

So, what do you think?!

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