Monday, 25 February 2013

MIlan Fashion Week a/w 2013. My review

For Milan Fashion Week, I decided to watch almost every fashion show and just tell you a little bit about those that I like the most. From the list of brands presented this year I found interesting Gucci, Max Mara, Moschino, Dsquared2 and Dolce&Gabbana.

Firstly, as we all know Milan is not the official capital of Italy, but it is the centre of its fashion industry. And fashion itself indebted to Italy. Clothes made in Italy are highly prized. The majority of the most expensive and luxurious brands are Italian. This makes Milan one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. Italy for me is a country of very elegant men and women with great cuisine, cars, art geniuses, stunning architecture and sea. This year after Fashion Week I noticed that everything from that list is hidden in the collections of Italian trend-setters with a little change caused by the time.
Here you go, what I liked about MFW A/W `13.

The clothes are basically screaming with strictness, sexiness and confidence. Coats and dresses are made of really good-quality fabric and decorated  with bright embroidery. 

I love the duet of these twins. They put great music on their shows and great decorations. It is, as usual, an atmospheric show. As always they produce clothes for very brave and sexy young women. Creating this collection they definitely thought about style of the past and luxury of high society.

The everlasting theme of school uniform is the basis of Moschino this season. I can`t deny it, it reminded me Gossip Girl a little bit. But the clothes are great. I fell in love with skirts and this black jumper with roses. 

Max Mara

The brand presented confident and oversized pieces. To be honest, I would wear everything of it: stylish, cozy, monotone, love the fabric. Good job!

This season, Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana refer to the beautiful, bright and terrible, and bloody history of religion. In my opinion, religion is a very difficult and controversial topic and I usually do not discuss it. However, the way Dolce&Gabbana speaks religion is definitely impressive. There are several stages in the collection: first, there is the beauty of frescos of European Cathedrals, decorated with gold and pearls, followed by the blood-red dresses and coats that reflect the crucial religious wars. After it we see the line between light side of the Church and the sins (black and white outfits). The jewellery, which includes massive gold earrings and crowns, is a special highlight. What an incredible, stunning show! And of course the finale, in the traditional Dolce&Gabbana style: all the models in one big group go on the runway. The clothes are definitely not for everyday outfit, but don`t fool yourself, it`s brilliant.


  1. MaxMara and D&G.

  2. Hey! Thanks for all of your kind comments!
    Those collections are wonderful, I wish I could go to a fashion show one day...