Friday, 25 January 2013

LA and Santa Monica


LA is the city i`ve been dreaming of for soooo long. Finally I made it. Unfortunately this time I had only 3 days there and didn`t have a chance to enjoy everything that this city can offer, but hopefully it`s not the last time. 

The city is spread out that makes it difficult to travel. So, it`s better to take a car. All LA areas are so different and people are seemed so weird sometimes, but I like it! Weird=unique=unusual=special=interesting right?) This city is filled up with the atmosphere of cinematography, art and music. West Hollywood and Beverly Hills are fabulous, of course. That`s so cool to see Britney Spears waiting for the green light in her Mercedes, or Courteney Cox in her garage. Rodeo Dr is obviously beautiful and the first thing that came to my mind was Pretty Woman. Schools and galleries, healthy food markets and window displays, graffiti and street sculptures make it special.

Universal Studios is one of the best things that happened to me in my entire life! I had so much fun there. They actually built a separate city in the studio city and it`s just something that you can`t imagine. I loved all new 3D rides, like Transformers and King Kong. Speaking of King Kong, I was one of those lucky people who were chosen for shootings in the background of green screen (Special Effects Stage) and I “played” the role of the girl who met King Kong (Naomi Watts in Peter Jackson`s King Kong). I was supposed to stand in front of a wind machine and than to scream. What an unbelievable experience! I spend a wonderful day there and left with a new yellow friend. Minions are so adorable, aren`t they?

There are several main beaches in LA, but on account of lack of time I decided to follow my friends` advice and went to Santa Monica. It was so peaceful there: early morning, sound of ocean, seagulls, breeze, only several people and beautiful palms. Oh, how incredible it was. Thou next time I fancy going to Manhattan Beach and Venice beach.

I`m so looking forward to the next trip!)