Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

Las Vegas, a city that never sleeps.
Planning the whole American trip, I didn`t plan to go to Vegas. In fact it was a last-minute decision, but I didn`t regret it. I actually enjoyed every single minute. I stayed in a hotel called the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (Conde Nast Traveler’s annual Hot List) and I can admit that this place is a masterpiece of art, interior design and great hotel service. (Except the moment when I accidently shut the restroom door on Saturday evening at 8pm and couldn’t do anything, had to wait for help in the face of maintainer). Anyway Las Vegas was fun.

A transparent shower cabin? Really?Can I have it at home,please

the Stripe, the most famous street of LV. Walking down this boulevard, it seems like you dived in the World: New York (hotel and casino), Luxor (hotel in Egyptian style), Paris, Rome, Venice and a lot of other places. I liked the smartly dressed people who were just hanging around, drinking, singing and dancing. There are lots of clubs and restaurants, casinos, of course. The atmosphere is created for everybody to relax, to make themselves comfortable and to be a little bit crazy. Vegas is soaked in luxury and entertainment. And don`t forget “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Town Square Las Vegas is a shopping area. If you are tired of crowded streets and want just to do some shopping, drink cap of coffee and have a peaceful minute, I advice you to go there.

To leave Vegas without seeing the Grand Canyon? –that`s the biggest mistake ever!

Eagle Rock (located at Eagle Point) on the west rim, aptly named for its shape.


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