Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Massive necklaces

I`ve got kind of obsession with massive bright necklaces and I decided to show you three of my favorite ones. Basically I wear them with shirts, when they are kind of hidden behind the collar but still make the look special.  And sometimes I add the necklace to a self-coloured pullovers. A very important moment here is that you shouldn`t put on a bright top, a skirt with feathers, lots of bangles and rings and such kind of necklace!Otherwise you will look like new year`s tree. So, mind the limits. Let your outfit be simple and decorate it with a unique detail.
1. Francesca`s Collection 2. Forever 21 3. Forever 21


  1. Thats so great, I am loving statement necklaces right now as well. The first one is so, so beautiful! I'm following you, youd do me a great honor if you follow back, but thats up to you. Hope yoou have a great day! :)